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Director, Governance
The nature of the Gavi organisational model is one which places a particular onus on the Board. It is representative of the constituencies that comprise the Alliance and given its complexity, Gavi’s governance is highly fluid. Its deliberations therefore have a dual character, as exchanges between equal but different partners and determinations of strategy. This would make for a complex dynamic in any sector, but in one as important and fraught with controversy as global public health it is acutely so.

The Director of Governance must be politically astute and bring particular deftness and agility in dealing with multi-faceted interests that comprise the Alliance and the Board, but also a clear sense of the urgent purpose on which Gavi is focused. S/he will need to appreciate the way in which the international system works and the diplomatic mechanisms through which communication often occurs, but also recognise Gavi's function as a sort of institutional dissident within this system. The capacity to rapidly grasp this and express it appropriately to widely differing counterparts will be combined with exposure to board-level governance work in the successful candidate.

The Board has a high level of rotation on account of its public sector participation and in the course of 2020 this will be no exception, added to which will be the process to seek a successor to the current Board Chair, who steps off the board at the end of 2020, and onboarding of a number of new Board Committee Chairs during this period. In addition to the representatives of governments, Gavi partners, civil society, and the private sector, the Board includes nine independent members to whom the Director of Governance must provide support.

Equally important is the work of the Board Committees that support the Board and which bring with it a further level of complexity in relation to the Alliance constituency interests that participate on these Committees, while also ensuring that the Committees are constituted with the necessary and appropriate technical competencies and experience to warrant their effectiveness.

An added dimension is the work supporting the International Finance Facility for Immunisation (IFFIm), a UK company and charity, comprising independent trustees.

The position is demanding both in terms of the complexity of the Alliance model and a high frequency of meetings across its governance structure which requires a close attention to detail and requirement for exceptionally high standards in quality of meeting processes and papers and advice given to the various governance bodies including the Board. This calls for the incumbent to ensure that Gavi’s governance arrangements are held to the highest standards and to bring levels of innovation and expertise to its processes and the structure ensuring that Gavi’s governance is fit for purpose at all times.
CEO & Deputy CEO
Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance  

Launched in 2000, Gavi is a leading international public-private partnership (PPP) committed to saving children's lives and protecting people's health by increasing equitable use of vaccines in lower-income countries. The organisation is seeking to appoint an accomplished individual to become its Director of Governance. The Director will ensure that its Board members are fully supported in their deliberations and that information flows to and from the Board in a way that is effective and leads to clear and acute communication.

Since 2000, Gavi has supported developing countries in the immunisation of over 700 million children saving 10 million lives and generating US$150 billion in economic benefits. The Alliance’s work has helped to reduce child mortality related to vaccine preventable diseases by nearly 60% in 68 Gavi supported countries. New life saving vaccines have been scaled up at an unprecedented rate reducing mortality, morbidity and disability. The number of children in Gavi supported countries who miss out on basic immunisation has been reduced by nearly half from 30 million in 2000 to just about 16 million in 2017. This has been achieved despite a 15% increase in the number of children surviving beyond 12 months in Gavi supported countries since 2000. In 2017 alone, 65 million children were immunised with Gavi supported vaccines. To build upon this progress and take full advantage of the opportunities of 2016-2020, the organisation exceeded its replenishment target at the Gavi replenishment conference in January 2015 and secured $7.54 billion in donor pledges. This will enable the Alliance to fulfil its goal of immunizing more than 300 million additional children, and save 5 to 6 million deaths in the current strategic period of 2016-2020. With as many as 20 countries transitioning out of Gavi’s financial support in this period, however, ensuring that programmes are sustainable in the long-term is essential.

Gavi’s business model combines excellence from both the private and public sectors and a commitment to running a lean organisation that makes a measurable impact upon global health, including the long-term strengthening of health systems. Gavi builds on public sector expertise in health and development, with the acumen of private sector individuals and organisations. The Alliance brings together developed country donors, implementing governments, civil society organisations, research and technical institutes, and vaccine producers with the World Health Organisation, UNICEF, and the World Bank, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), private philanthropists and international financiers to find ways to fund and support immunisation in the world’s poorest countries and advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Making the reach of immunisation near universal and thus foundational to the new SDG vision of Universal Health Coverage would be a key focus moving forward.

Working as an alliance, Gavi achieves objectives in support of its mission that no single agency or group alone could realise. These include cooperating to accelerate access to underused and new vaccines; innovative performance-based financing and programming approaches to international development aid; strengthening national health and immunisation systems; and introducing innovative immunisation technology. By pooling demand for vaccines from the world’s poorest countries, securing long-term funding and shaping vaccine markets, Gavi are accelerating access to life-saving vaccines in the countries that need them the most.

The Board has recently approved a strategy for the 2021-2025 period. It prioritises reaching people in currently under-served countries. By 2025, it will have broadened Gavi’s scope to include at least 18 infectious diseases. It will strengthen health systems to increase equity in immunisation. It will improve the sustainability of immunisation programmes with support for domestic resource mobilisation. It will also continue to broaden its market-shaping work.

2020 will be an important year for Gavi, with its next replenishment pledging conference being hosted by the UK.

For more information on Gavi, please visit their website at:             

The Gavi Governance Structure

Originally hosted by UNICEF at its launch in 2000, Gavi became a Swiss foundation in 2009 and has been granted international institution status in Switzerland with special privileges and immunities. The reorganised governance structure combines attributes of public sector and corporate governance systems. The board, comprising 28 members from governments, partner organisations, civil society organisations and the private sector, is chaired by Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, former Finance Minister of Nigeria.

The Gavi governing board composition:

Note - UNICEF, WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hold permanent seats, while representatives of other Gavi Partners serve on a time-limited basis.

More information on the Gavi governing board’s function and composition can be found here:   

The Gavi Secretariat

The Secretariat is a knowledge-based global strategic health/development partnership comprised of approximately 280 staff. It is responsible for managing the operations of the Gavi business, including
strategy and policy development; advocacy and resource mobilisation; programme delivery, incorporating programme monitoring and evaluation; approving and disbursing funds; collaboration and coordination with other global health agencies; legal and financial management; and support and administration of the Gavi Board and Committees. Offices are located in Geneva and Washington DC. The Secretariat is led by the CEO, Dr Seth Berkley, and supported by the Deputy CEO, Anuradha Gupta, and several teams.
The Director of Governance has overall responsibility for:

•    Serving as Secretary to the Gavi Board;
•    Providing governance advice and support as required for Gavi and IFFIm;
•    Leadership, overall management and development of the Governance team.

The key results that are expected are:

•    Gavi and IFFIm governance processes and structures are effective and efficient and of a high quality;
•    Recommendations on Gavi governance structure, systems and procedures/policies;
•    Accountability for the Governance team strategy, oversight of drafting, negotiating, relationship management and governance policy development for Gavi.

The main duties and responsibilities of the role are: 

•    Accountability for day-to-day stewardship and management of good governance within Gavi and IFFIm;
•    Advising the Board, Secretariat, and partners on good governance practices in the public and corporate governance sectors, as well as the practical and philosophical implications of the governance choices they make;
•    Working with the relevant chairs and Secretariat staff on comprehensive and holistic Board and Committee agendas;
•    Supporting the Board Chair, Board Vice Chair, CEO and Deputy CEO with his/her relationship management with Board members;
•    Serving as a strategic adviser to the Governance Committee as well as the Board Chair;
•    Accountability for all Board and Committee meeting reports and archives for Gavi and IFFIm;
•    Responsibility for supporting the recruitment processes for the Board Chair, Board Vice Chair and Committee Chairs and new board members of Gavi working with the Chair of the Governance Committee;
•    Responsibility for supporting the recruitment processes for the Board Chair and new board members for IFFIm working with the Board Chair;
•    Developing appropriate metrics and processes, including independent evaluation processes, to measure and improve Board and overall governance performance of Gavi and IFFIm;
•    Managing the Special Advisers for the Board Chair, Board Vice Chair, Developing Countries, CSO and others as required;
•    Conducting special projects around governance reform efforts and enhancements of governance processes and systems as are required from time to time including supervising any evaluations conducted internally or externally of the Board and its Committees, including IFFIm, as well as of the Board Chair and CEO; 
•    General oversight of logistics for governance meetings and special adviser events.

Note: The essential functions listed in this section are not limited only to the tasks listed and may include other duties as assigned.  This role may require frequent international travel.
Candidates will bring the following background and experience:

•    A minimum of 15 years of relevant post qualification experience, with at least 7 years of regular interfacing with a board of directors, board of trustees, or general assembly.
•    Proven experience with management of teams.
Candidates will display the following leadership attributes and behaviours: 

•    Excellence in management;
•    Exceptional tact, political, diplomatic and interpersonal skills;
•    Exceptional written and oral communication skills;
•    Analytical and negotiating skills;
•    Ability to cope with uncertainty;
•    Awareness of and sensitivity to political issues of Board and committee members in all tasks;
•    Ability to conceptualize, innovate, plan and execute ideas, as well as to impart knowledge and coach;
•    Demonstrated ability to work in a multi-cultural environment and across teams, and establish harmonious and effective working relationships both within and outside the organisation;
•    Demonstrated expertise in public-sector or corporate governance procedures or theory;
•    Strong organisation and a detail-oriented approach;
•    Potential to manage multiple projects simultaneously and maintain focus on priorities;
•    Ease at working independently and flexibility with working hours;
•    High standards of personal conduct and integrity.
•    Fluency in English required; French language proficiency a strong positive.
•    Relevant governance training, certificates and/or qualifications;
•    Advanced university degree in social sciences, health, international relations, business or related fields.
•    Advanced degree in law, public administration or related field.
Internal contacts:

•    CEO and Deputy CEO;
•    Executive Leadership Team;
•    Gavi Secretariat staff in Geneva and Washington. 

External contacts:

•    Gavi Board Chair and Board Vice Chair;
•    IFFIm Board Chair;
•    Gavi and IFFIm Board and Committee members;
•    Prime Ministers, Ministers, Secretaries General, Ambassadors, high level government officials and high-ranking staff from partner institutions and community.
To apply, please send a full CV together with a supporting statement, briefly highlighting your experience and skills against the requirements of the role, to Please quote the role title and assignment code 1908-021L in the subject heading of the email. All applications will be acknowledged. 

The closing date for applications is 29 September 2019.

Gavi is committed to diversity within its workforce and encourages applications from all qualified candidates.

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